What We Do
— Primal Image™ specializes in small- to mid-sized business marketing strategy development, strategic branding, customer-focused content creation, Web site design/development/optimization, graphic design, advertising design, competitive analysis, and general business consulting services. Our clients benefit from our uniquely varied skill set developed from extensive enterprise-level marketing, branding, advertising, and sales promotion expertise abstracted through divergent, multi-disciplined experience paths all implemented through a core 'think like a customer' mind set fueled by entrepreneurial innovativeness — to borrow a phrase, we 'think different!' Primal Image™ creates compelling client 'Content Traction™'
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Partial Web Site Portfolio
— a sampling of Web sites we've developed...

(We have developed many more Web sites specifically custom tailored to each client's particular needs
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 Wetlands Restoration Principles (WRP) ⇒ https://WetlandsRestoration.org/ 
— WRP Coalition Mission Statement: Our coalition brings organizations together to advocate collaboratively to support wetland restoration projects that follow our nine principles. Success starts by using these accepted best practices to maximize every opportunity for comprehensively and scientifically restoring our degraded wetlands...


 HOOYAH! UDT/SEAL Stories of the 1960s ⇒ https://UDT-SEAL-Stories.com/ 
— Buy the book! Navy SEAL Nick Nickelson relives brutal Hell Week that broke most men's spirits while strengthening others. Learn what SEALs go through and find out if you have what it takes. You will be surprised by who passes and who fails to make it through Hell Week, and you will laugh at preposterous situations that young Navy SEALs find themselves in...


 Green Observers Foundation ⇒ https://www.GreenObservers.org/ 
—The Green Observers Foundation invites you to meet the pioneers of the green revolution, people who are taking on humanity's biggest challenge ever: to protect our environment through vital, innovative, and sometimes controversial actions. Explore the site and meet the men and women who are taking action for our Planet...


 Kay Grossman, M.A., LLC ⇒ https://www.FOCUSdammit.com/ 
—Professional Coach and Attention Management Specialist in Overland Park (Kansas City), Kansas. Kay Grossman coaches confident professionals to expertly focus their attention. Just as elite athletes pursue intensive training to improve athletic performance, accomplished professionals can exercise advanced attention skills to achieve even greater strategic success. In essence, Kay offers Attention Traction™!


 Kay Grossman, M.A., LLC ⇒ https://www.KayGrossman.com/ 
—Adult ADHD & Effectiveness Coach in Overland Park (Kansas City), Kansas.


 The Kenny Nickelson Memorial Foundation ⇒ https://www.KNMF.org/ 
—The Kenny Nickelson Memorial Foundation for Homeless Veterans and Children, Inc.: "With the generous support of donors, resources, and volunteers, KNMF has been able to help tens of thousands of needy individuals over the years by responding to their needs."


 Girari Design ⇒ https://www.Girari.com/ 
—The design world of AZCAST products and Girari furniture, where respect for the environment is in harmony with high design. All our aluminum products are recycled sand-cast aluminum, hand cast and hand finished in the U.S.A.


 Film Fighting Los Angeles ⇒ https://www.FilmFightingLA.com/ 
—The Film Fighting LA Club (FFLA) is an elite performance team skilled in contemporary and traditional weaponry and combat styles. We perform for film, television, theater, corporate, and special events.


 Leadership Manhattan Beach (Legacy Web Site) ⇒ https://LMB.Primal-Image.com/ 
—An educational forum to develop and unite existing and aspiring community leaders in the Manhattan Beach, California area.


 Hermosa Beach Surf Legends ⇒ https://www.HBSurfLegends.org/ 
—A non-profit site devoted to celebrating legendary Hermosa Beach surfers in support of the City of Hermosa Beach, California, efforts to fund their Surf Legends Memorial Fountain project.